"Lisa willingly took on the challenge of creating a book to encompass both my parent’s life stories. It isn’t easy to write two people’s family histories and personal stories in a way that is coherent and enjoyable, but Lisa was able to do this. She was diligent in her research to find photos and newspaper articles that we didn’t know even existed. The final product is a book we will cherish and will pass down to our children.
One of Lisa's goals is to write the book so that you can hear the voice of the person telling their story, and she was able to do that. I heard both my mother’s and father’s voices as I read this book. We are all very thankful of the time and effort that Lisa put into creating this treasure."

"Lisa is a talented writer. While writing a biography for my husband and myself about our lives, I was aware of her expertise.  She comes prepared when she interviews you with questions that makes it easy. Telling your life story is an emotional experience. She researches your personal history and brings that to your attention, which helps in the process.  This helps you to recall events you haven’t thought about in a while. Talking to her is like having a conversation with a good friend, while she records your answers. She then spends countless hours creating a book that makes you think, 'Hey, we had an interesting life!' As a biographer, she is a real artist. We were grateful to have had her lead us in this process."

​"...One of the best surprises was the genealogy charting Lisa did at the end of the book. Who would have known our family had witches in Salem, early town founders and politicians, and descendants of famous clans in Scotland? Had it not been for Lisa we also would have never known that three of our relatives were on the original Mayflower."

You Are The Guardian

Of Your Ancestors' Pasts

"After learning what an incredible researcher Lisa is, I recommended her to a lawyer friend who was representing a client needing an historical report regarding water rights and usage for his property. He hired her and after spending numerous days in county and court archives, she discovered filings and original water rights postings that proved invaluable for his case. Her tenacity in locating these obscure documents, and her comprehensive historical report regarding the property involved, will likely save these clients millions of dollars.  
I highly recommend Lisa to anyone needing historical records research of any kind. She will do a great job for you."

How Will Your Book Look?

The Choices Are Yours!

"Lisa has earned my highest recommendations.

If you want a family treasure, hire her to write a book for a member of your family."

"I was told by many of my friends to write the story of my life and travels, and finally I decided at age 95 to do that. I met with Lisa and knew she would be great to work with. She edited my manuscript and published it and did such a wonderful job. My family and friends are reading it now and my ‘celebrity standing’ is getting bigger and bigger! I am very grateful for Lisa’s fine work and cooperation, and enjoyed getting to know her. I recommend her to everyone looking for a great ghostwriter."

"I LOVE what you have done with my books! They look fantastic and I am so pleased. Thank you for editing and publishing what I wrote, and for your patience with all my revisions. I loved writing my books and your efforts and encouragements embellished them. You are so talented and an absolute jewel! I am almost in tears over the finished products–immensely happy tears. I am impressed and will recommend you to my friends."

"I read the book Lisa wrote about her grandmother and knew immediately that a book about my mother’s life would be the perfect 91st birthday present for her. I hired Lisa and she met with my mother numerous times. My mother loved talking to her and when Lisa presented the completed book to my mother, it brought tears to her eyes. The book turned out to be a treasure of old and new information for our family. I knew Lisa was an accomplished writer, but I did not know that she was also an amazing historian..."

"My family asked Lisa to research my mother’s father, who was absent most of her life. My mom is not a sentimental person, but was curious who the man responsible for half of her DNA was. Lisa did not disappoint and the story she wove has kept us entertained for months. She was able to trace my family roots back to a town in Germany and we followed their journey to Baltimore, Maryland. We quickly learned we were not German nobility but instead workers of the land and expert laundresses.  
Lisa aggregated all of this information in a beautifully bound book that we presented to my mom on her 87th birthday. My mom was thrilled with the book and regularly scours its beautifully crafted pages for more family nuggets. We couldn’t be happier with this gift and I encourage everyone to let Lisa dig around in your family closet to unlock the mysteries that make us who we are! "

"If you are looking for someone to capture your life's story or the memories of loved ones, I highly recommend Lisa.

My dad had become quite a storyteller in his later years and we wanted to capture these stories on paper, but he would clam up if we brought out a recorder. We decided to contract with Lisa to create a memory book, and what was so remarkable was that my dad was immediately comfortable with her and opened up telling stories of his life.

He looked forward to the days she would come and spend time with him."