Pricing Guidelines

Project cost is largely determined by the type or length of the book, which is factored by the number of interviews.  Many life stories can be told in as little as four to six hours of interviews. Book projects include four softcover copies - hardcovers and extra copies are available upon request for an added fee. All projects can be tailored to fit your budget.

Shorter Histories include 1 to 4 hours of recorded interviews and 20 scanned photos or images. Pricing starts at $750.00 

Comprehensive Histories include 5 to 8 hours of recorded interviews and up to 40 scanned photos or images. $50.00 per hour - packages available

Extensive Projects requiring over 8 hours of interviews, extensive research, editing and formatting. $50.00 per hour - packages available 

Property Histories tell the story of your home, property, or town. Wouldn't you like to know the secrets hidden beneath your walls, or under the streets where you live? $50.00 per hour - packages available

Event Books and Memoirs chronicling specific events and highlights such as travels, milestones, business ventures, and diaries. Pricing starts at $150.00

Family Tree Research and Compilation – Where do you think you came from? Find out! First two hours free if combined with a book project. $50.00 per hour afterward

Audio Recording - interviews recorded and preserved on a USB drive or CD. $50.00 per hour

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