It's Fun To Be A Narrator!

The Process

Initial Consultation - This is a complimentary meeting where we begin to get to know each other and set up a schedule of interviews and decide where you prefer to meet. We discuss and determine the scope of the project, taking into account your expectations, desired outcomes, and any key themes. We will talk about the structure of the sessions, audio recordings, transcripts and books. 

The Interview Sessions - Each session lasts from one to two hours, and is a comfortably paced journey through your life experiences. Often times, we may stray from the ‘question list’ as we allow our conversation to take a natural course. I will also gather any memorabilia that you would like to include for scanning.

Between Meetings - Between meetings, I transcribe your memories and begin to shape it into a narrative told in your own voice. I also begin scanning, restoring, and captioning any photographs, letters, or other documents you would like included in your book; begin constructing your family tree if you are including one; research through archives as needed; and begin laying out and proofing pages for your book design.    

Draft Process - When the interviewing and writing phase is completed, I will give you a rough draft for you to read and edit as you like. This is your book, and the final say on what is included belongs to you. After a final rewrite and edit, the manuscript goes into production.

Printing & Binding - Your book is custom designed for you and professionally printed and bound. Four softcover books are included, but you may order as many as you like. Hardcover books are available for an added fee.